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Possible to send DVR output to TV w/o wire?

I'm hoping some of you experts have suggestions to solve my problem. I want to put my HDTV in an area of the house where I am unable to run a cable line or ethernet cable to (long story). Is there a device that would allow me to have the DVR be located in a different room than the TV and have the DVR signal show up on the HDTV? I would want it to send HD with 5.1 sound.
Thanks for any help!


Exton, PA
There are wireless and power-line HDMI solutions out there but most seem to be pricey and provide less than stellar performance.

Speculation is that the upcoming (September?) Fios whole house, media-server, DVR thingy will have a wireless option. I'd wait for that before I'd invest in possible junk.

Wires can always be pulled. Where there's a will there's a way.