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Tonawanda, NY

Audio/Video Multi-room extension

I recently bought a cheap 32" 720 set to use for the kids game consoles in a spare bedroom to free up my 2nd FiOS set equipped with a 7100-P2 STB. My goal is to be able to share that STB with the kids TV for when they want to watch some of their shows.

The 2 TVs are 2 floors apart (basement and 2nd floor) but I have access to run direct wiring (about 60ish ft) between the two TVs. I've got a spare FiOS remote so I'm covered there, just need to get the A/V and IR between the two sets.

I'm looking at the following that uses dual Cat 6 lines to transmit HDMI and IR:

» ··· cription

Now the questions:

Has anyone used this or a similar type product? I want to avoid wireless, too many items in my house on 2.4/5.8 GHz already.

Does anyone know if the FiOS remote is single or dual band IR?



Tonawanda, NY
Guess no one else has this issue?


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to rufus279
I just looked at the product, and it looks good, but I've never used it. The passive IR extender thing intrigues me though -- I would get it for that if it worked. But everything I know about has been positive -- I've purchased quite a few items from them, and they have all worked as advertised. The item in the link is pretty inexpensive and might just be worth a try for me -- I have a need to extend an IR signal as well.


reply to rufus279
I have a friend who is using that exact product to share his Comcast STB between two TVs. The two rooms are on the same floor and approximately 40' apart (CAT6 cable length) and the product works really well. He used solid CAT6 (UTP) and has no signal issues. The Comcast remote works equally as well.