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Lampasas, TX

Recovery of a MSN hacked e-mail acct

Our 10 yr old Msn e-mail acct was hacked into. spam mail was sent to contacts in account. Contacts called about the e-mail that was sent by hacker. We have checked pc w/ microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes Pro, no virus Trojans were etc on pc.. was clean thru both of them scans, all updates are current.
then when we went thru the recovery process w/ Microsoft and Outlook, our secret questions and phone number was changed by
the hacker. for the last week we have been going in circles with
e-mail recovery process, NO access to a customer support phone system w/ Microsoft. we are at wits end on where to go next...

as all our personal info is in the hands of the hacker..

if any one can help it would be appreciated..
it looks like the hack was not thru our pc network system.


Kailua, HI
·Time Warner Cable
·Clearwire Wireless

Sorry to hear about this.
I don't have a direct answer to account recovery with MSN but you can mitigate it somewhat from your end.

You need to look at then disassociate each & every account that is associated with the hacked MSN account.
In particular, any accounts that shared the same password as the MSN mail mail account ( a possible explanation of how the account was hacked).

It's not common for a scammer to spam the contact list PLUS change the contact/recovery data.
If a mail account has a value beyond the contact list the scammer won't spam it because it will often tip off the owner, so this is somewhat unusual but not without precedence.
PM sent.

Sith HMP
I Did What?
Bloomington, IL
reply to jsme304

Did you not set up a secondary email account to be used for password changes and such? Or has the "hacker" changed that info too?

If you did set it up and he/she has not changed it then just do a password reset.

I'm sure you have already tried this but just incase.


Lampasas, TX

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reply to jsme304

MSN sent us a temp password so we could login to the acct.
acct was changed over to an Arabic language. We were able to change it back to English. Our emails were being forwarded to the hacker's e-mail box.. the phone number and security email was still in tack-- for the hacker.
Right now we are in contact w/ the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). hope they can trace this down.


Carrying Place, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to jsme304

Can you offer any insight into how your account was hacked?
Were your emails still intact or had they been offloaded?
My sister in law had her account stolen, but she was duped into giving out the password, so no mystery there. As far as I know she never got her account back.