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Moving new/diff fioptic

Hi - I've had cbt fioptic for 18 mos. mostly been great. Fiber to the house(basement). Phone, Internet, and tv all split off of that box. Cat5 from that box to a wifi access point provides Internet to computer/game consoles. Pots from that box tied into existing copper provides phone. Coax from that box tied into existing coax to provide tv. Only have one set top box for hd/dvr. Other TVs run off coax and get 99 basic cable channels.

I am moving. New address says they have fioptic. Installer came out today, need contractor to get fiber into my house due to going under driveway, so a delay of 5 to 10 days .

However, the installer starts telling me about how this is going to work inside the house, and it sounds different from my current setup. Calls it "iptv". Talks about "client" boxes at each TV in addition to traditional set top boxes. Also talks about these client boxes getting their signal wirelessly (as an option). So some questions arise:

1) anybody have experience with TV over wifi?
2) are my days of 99 basic channels via coax gone? Am I going to need set top boxes for each of my TVs? Or just the "client" box?
3) is this ftth or fttn? am I likely to experience the lags and other annoyances that others have? My current experience with fioptic has been flawless, other than the on demand movie selection being terrible!



Cincinnati, OH

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If the address qualifier offers anything above 30 Mbps download it is probably an FTTH install. The current device lineup for those seems to be an Alcatel unit to terminate the fiber then a ZyXel device to provide firewall/WiFi/IGMP proxy etc. The STBs are ZTE. The only (optional) use of coax on those installs is MoCA devices to carry the IP from one location to another. There is a picture of those units on one of the other threads.
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