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Tuscaloosa, AL

I'm ready for the sports pyramid to collapse

Bring it on! If only the people who want ESPN are forced to pay for it, then it will become apparent how overpriced the service is. But why is it so overpriced? Because they have to pay those insane fees to the sports leagues, which then pay the teams, which pay the millionaire athletes and billionaire owners.

And once the sports fans are forced to shoulder the full cost of what they're watching, the whole damn pyramid will collapse. ESPN will be caught in a death spiral of having to increase fees to make up for a shrinking pool of subscribers. The more they raise rates, the fewer people will subscribe. At that point, their only option will be to renegotiate their contracts with the various leagues, which will then have to cut payments to teams, which will then have to cut salaries to athletes and profits to owners. It will be utter financial carnage, and I look forward to seeing it happen.

Don't get me wrong, I harbor no ill will toward sports fans. It's just that I think they're being ripped off, and I resent having to be ripped off along with them.