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[TWC] RR Extreme, am i faster or is modem better?

I live in El Paso, TX and upgraded to RR Extreme from standard. On standard I would get about 20+ mbs down and 800kbps up on speed tests, using their standard Ambit modem. I upgraded to Extreme and went out and bought a Docsis 3.0 modem (Zoom 5341J) and activated it w/ TW. Did a bit of testing today w/ speed tests and Im still getting about 20-25 mbps down (advertised is 30) but around 4mbps up. I notice a real difference in downloading though. News groups and torrents pull at about 3-4mbps (up from 1.5-1.8 on standard). I don't know if this is a benefit of the new modem and channel bonding? Or the new extreme service?

I have the same service but I have 30 down and 5 up. These are the speeds I was told to expect.

yes i understand that. i see what they post as the expected speeds but my standard was actually exceeding this before i upgraded. What I'm getting at is that I didnt see any real improvement in the downspeed after the upgrade, except in practical download speed, which im not sure is a benefit of the upgrade or the new modem?


Canton, OH
make sure you're not confusing bits with bytes; 3-4 megabytes is very good and almost the max for a 30 megabit line.
I see what you're saying, even though I'm really just listening...


Lexington, KY
reply to Munkee915
As kba4 pointed out most internet speeds are marketed as Mbps (Mega bits per second), however most sites/programs list the transfer rates as MBps (Mega Bytes per second).

The conversion factor is 8 (because there are 8 bits in a byte). For example if you have a 30Mbps connection the fastest you can download is ~3.75MBps (30 / 8).

ah yes. I actually know the difference between bits and bytes but i was too lazy to capitalize, and in this case it makes the difference. When you explain it that way (30mbps/8 = 3.75 MBps) that makes much more sense to me know. Thanks for that.

reply to Munkee915
the reason that you were getting 20mbps with standard and their modem was due to it being docsis 2.0 with powerboost. docsis 3.0 does not have powerboost, so you will get near the advertised speed and have a better connection with channel bonding.