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steven s
Dearborn, MI

How are they not bleeding customers?

Yes, Sprint is losing customers, but I really don't understand how they aren't losing their post-paid customers in droves.

Their LTE network is practically nonexistent and their new phones don't have Wimax antennas, so most users don't have access to 4G speeds, and their 3G network is unbearably slow. Yet their plans are either as expensive or more expensive than plans with AT&T or Verizon. How useful is unlimited data when you can't really use it?

I wonder if new Virgin and Boost Mobile subscribers are simply compensating for lost Sprint and Nextel subscribers.

Washington, DC

1 recommendation

As a current post-paid customer, it comes down to price and value. No other carrier (sans maybe T-Mo) can match Sprint. As the most techie of the group (using 3~4 gb of data a month), I suffer the most but put up with it during the dark age. Network Vision is taking hold in my region and the network is on par with VZ. Also, their customer service is amazing - yep, I said that.