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Calgary, AB
reply to rradina

Re: NetFlix International Subscribers

But you said this,
However, if the monthly subscription cost in the US is a barrier for Netflix in another country due to a lower average income, then Netflix cannot afford to show that content there since they won't be able to charge the same customer rates as in the US.

Talking about the subscription cost, and lower average income (of the users?), when they are charing the same now, so you are confusing me a bit now.

I thought Netflix started as a DVD rental company that spun-off streaming as a bonus feature, that quickly took over.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Chesterfield, MO

Sorry for the confusion. In my head, I was consistently thinking along the lines of it being natural for content creators to see the success of NetFlix's US operations as an opportunity. It's kind of like how lottery winners attract a lot of "flies".

I also wanted to acknowledged that even if opportunistic license fees don't occur, the same US rate may not work in economically disadvantaged countries. (If only 1% can afford the US monthly rate, regardless of merit, there's no significant growth for NetFlix. It's even worse if opportunistic license fees do occur. This results in even higher package prices or for the same price, a severely crippled package.)