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Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

US government wants you to protect your own online privacy

with all the noise over CISPA, this other bill that should pass and be signed by Obama has been overlooked by many. so if you are in the USA and wonder if getting a VPN provider is naughty or not - your own government officials now recommend you do so;


the new cybersecurity bill (to thwart foreign intellectual property theft and cyber espionage) included measures aimed at ensuring private information was not unwittingly exposed during any information-sharing between industry and government.
For instance, the bill encourages the private sector to "anonymize" or "minimize" the information it voluntarily shares with the government, and authorizes and encourages the government to create procedures to protect privacy.
It also puts in place restrictions on the use, retention, and searching of any data voluntarily shared by the private sector with the government, and permits individuals to sue the federal government for any such disclosures.



I think this is a much better option anyway. We can all keep an eye on our own backyards. It's preferable to other people doing surveillance and "accidentally" seeing other stuff.
Thanks for the link.