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Fed Up


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reply to Wilma dG

Re: Hotmail account closed by Bell when switched ISPs

Hi OP let me help out with the image.
Using »mail.sympatico.ca I can get a live login with a Bell logo.

Have you tried contacting the executive office at Bell. There are details on this forum somewhere. Just search for Bell Executive office. You will have a better chance talking to them. edit - found it »Bell Canada Internet FAQ »I'm not able to get my problem resolved. Who do I call now?

Tip on attaching images - when you use preview / attach you can upload images (probably a size restriction). then you can place [att=x] where x is the attachment number to force the attachment to appear where you put the placeholder instead of all at the top of the post.

reply to Wilma dG

Just type "bell.net" in your navigator in result Bell Windows Live Mail also.


Gatineau, QC

How about just posting in the direct area?


Good idea Dom ...

»Bell Canada Direct

Raymur Bard

reply to Wilma dG

This happened to a friend of mine who had a yahoo account for many years. Then he got rogers ISP but never used a "@rogers.com" email. Last year, he switched to TekSavvy and poof, he was locked out of his yahoo email account.

Turns out when he got rogers ISP, rogers "linked" his yahoo email account to his rogers ISP account (much in the same way Bell is tied to MS/Hotmail). So when he cancelled his rogers, his yahoo email account locked him out.

He finally worked it out by having rogers "unlink" his yahoo email from the rogers system, then he contacted yahoo to re-activate his yahoo account and get all his emails.

It took a few calls and emails between himself and Rogers and Yahoo, but it did get resolved. He even spoke to someone at Yahoo over the phone! Don't hear that too often.

Hope this helps.

Wilma dG


Hi Everyone

Just thought I would let you know that my Hotmail account seems to have been magically activated again. I have no idea how this happened. Perhaps some Bell insider reading this forum took pity on me and fixed the problem. I had planned to keep trying via Bell, using some of the advice I got here, but when I happened to check the account today it was suddenly back!! I know it wasn't Microsoft, they have ignored my last few pleas for help on their bogus Help Forum (sorry, I am cynical...)

I want to keep two email accounts going in the future and regularly transfer everything back and forth.

Thank you so much, everybody!



well its not here because we dont any info


cyber gutter
reply to Wilma dG

said by Wilma dG:

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would let you know that my Hotmail account seems to have been magically activated again. I have no idea how this happened.

Thats good. Maybe the Bell tie-in expires after 21 days? Leaving the account to fester away on Hotmail until it expires in a few months before auto-delete. Since you set up at Hotmail before the Bell hijack tie-in.
Or else the squeaky wheel of technology finally got to that one person at Bhell who unhooks recently terminated accounts from Hotmail.

Your original thread on Teksavvy's board here: »[Cable] hotmail/outlook closed when switched ISP from Bell