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My connection

Hello Everyone, I just upgraded my internet to the DSL enhanced (up to 7 Mbps) packaged from Verizon. I noticed a big improvement since I had 1Mbps before I upgraded. I just want to know if I'm getting what I'm paying for. Once again, I am not reporting any problems, I just want to verify if everything is good with my connection at my end.

Speed Results:


2) From »www.megapath.com/speedtestplus/

DATE - 2013-04-25
LOCATION - 07:48:17 PM Los Angeles, CA
DOWNLOAD - 5.35 Mbps
UPLOAD - 0.74 Mbps
LATENCY - 30 ms
JITTER - 0 ms

Modem trans stats:

Transceiver Revision:
Vendor ID Code: 4
Line Mode: G.DMT Mode
Data Path: Interleaved

Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 6208 800
Margin (dB) 11.0 10.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 37.5 22.0
Transmit Power (dBm) 19.3 11.9





Taneytown, MD
reply to Simply01

I'm no expert, but I do know Verizon doesn't seem to like the margin numbers go too low. You're barely in double digit territory, so that's probably as good as it will get unless they "optimize" in your area, which I'm guessing you are based on that down/up speed in your transceiver stats. Optimized areas might see slight adjustments up/down depending on the margin thresholds they have set.

Technically it's better if your up margin is higher than the down. You could also try connecting the modem to the NID outside the house to see if the numbers increase, if they do, it indicates there might be something in your house wiring lowering the margin.



Thanks for your reply.

What's an ideal margin numbers to have ? What would be consider a good number for my down/up margins ?

I have an old small box that connects to my phone/DSL. I don't have a a proper NID to check my modem stats straight from the NID. Can I get Verizon to install one for me? Would it cost me or would it be free?

Can you or anyone else knows, please help a brother.

Milford, NH
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1 recommendation

10 dB is reasonable minimum. Once it gets to around 6 dB the modem will have a hard time maintaining sync. As has been posted the higher the better. Copper is susceptible to noise from: power line, vehicles, lightning, radio stations, etc.

Unless there is something wrong the Telco will probably baulk at installing a NID. You can try asking and saying you want to install/modify inside wiring and need a NID so you can isolate it safely.

In the meantime try disconnecting all the non-DSL stuff from the line and reboot the modem. If stats improve, sync speed or margin then one of the devices inside your home is degrading DSL. ADSL modems are adaptive so go back and forth a couple of times between normal and everything disconnected to get a good picture.

You may want to install a whole house splitter rather then using inline filters in each device. Splitter does a better job isolating DSL from voice.