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reply to SpHeRe31459

Re: Is Comcast dropping local HD channels in "open QAM"

Well if that's true, I cant stop them encrypting all QAM - but the minute they do that - then, they cant stop me from dropping cable altogether - and that is exactly what I would do - drop my cable subscription - these games COMCAST plays are petty for a company its size - blocking local QAM channels, or switching the QAM Local channel numbers, are all part of those petty games.. And why would they stoop so low - they do it because they can .. sooner or later that game plan will fall apart ...

There are plenty alternatives these days for basic TV service -- HuluPlus - though owned by Networks and Comcast - they have to follow rules - and if they figure out a way around the rules, there is always FREE Over the Air TV - HDTV antennas are getting better every year, and somehow they get around that, there is always Netflix making more and more of their own content, and now Amazon has started making its own TV pilots.

Maybe COMCAST should stop being so greedy, and stop treating their customers like crap because they feel they can get away with it - as they say - "what goes around comes around" .. I believe in the not so distant future, they wont always have the monopoly they have now.


said by joe94553 :

there is always FREE Over the Air TV - HDTV antennas are getting better every year, and somehow they get around that

Actually Fox and other networks are now threatening to kill OTA transmissions.


I am quite aware of that possibility - but from a survey from last year - there were 54 million people who view TV through over the air antennas - so doing that would force them to pay for a service they were getting for free ---

And as I said above in another comment - there are other alternatives other than selling your soul to the greedy cable providers - there is Netflix and Amazon producing their own content - you don't need a cable company for that..

Also, TV is not like it used to be years ago when it was the main form of entertainment in the home - today there are video games, Blu-ray players, Facebook, Twitter, IPhones, IPads, IPods, tablets, laptops, the internet, etc... With all those alternatives - the cable companies may continue to ignore them and keep irritating customers - but those customers will have places other than TV to go for entertainment - it's happening now and with technology changing everyday - the list of alternative entertainment to Cable TV is growing