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Centurylink giving problems

We have centurylink phone+dsl internet. We have periods of slow and fast dsl speeds, each lasting for 2-3 months before switching to the other. Fast periods we have 4-5mbps down/0.3-0.4up with a ping of about 90, and slow periods have 1-2mbps down/0.01-0.2up with a ping of about 600 (sometimes goes up to almost 1000. We have tried to see if we could upgrade, but they have said that only 5mbps and lower was available for our area. When we get our bill we are being billed for 10mbps.

We have called and asked them why we are paying for 10 when its not available and we are not even getting close to that. They always say we might as well stay with 10 because it costs the same as 5. I have looked up on their product website and it shows there is only 10mbps available for our area , and not 5.

So heres the problem. We are set up for 5, dont get 5 consistently, pay for 10, cant switch to 5, and 5 isnt available for our area according to the website.

There is no other available internet (not even dailup or satelite) available. Any advice for what i should do?

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Dublin, OH
Sounds like you have a flat fee regardless of the speed? That's what it sounds like.

We pay a flat $19.95 for 6mbps and a buddy down the road who's further from the DSLAM pays $19.95 for 1.5mbps.


Ya. I suspected it. I called and asked them about it and they said the same thing. They said "probably" though, so apparently they dont know either.

The main thing im worried about is why the payments were so wierd and why we have these fast/slow periods every 2 or 3 months. Had them for about 3 years no and its happened everytime on schedule. But thanks for a reply.

Gonna go see if theres a better place to put the router/get better connection somehow. Ill be checking back later.

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Dublin, OH
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I had erratic speeds (more so than now) and what helped my situation was a tech coming out and installing a splitter. If you don't have one already I'd suggest having that done. Here's a recent thread on a splitter install...

»[CenturyTel] DSL Slow & bad phone reception


Thanks for the suggestion of a splitter. Im not even sure if i have one, but ill call and see if a tech can come see about it. Phones been perfect. Only problem is the internet. Tech has been here dozens of times since we got centurylink, and some of them have done lots of work with the lines and stuff, so maybe one may have gotten one installed. Ill read up from the link u posted.


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Edit: well noww that i know what a splitter looks like , i now know that i do not have a splitter, and i will contact them to see if i can have one put in. Once again thanks for suggestion.


Winfield, AL
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What are you signal levels like? You could be too far from the DSLAM to get the full 10 MB but they charge the one flat rate and it's a "best effort".
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Troy, MO
reply to tarkin96
After you get that splitter installed if that does not fix your problem I would call CenturyLink back and ask them to provision your line for 10mbps from the CO or DSLAM however its run.

Centurylink will tell you NO NO you only can get 5 but let them know its the same price for 3, 6, 10 and you want to be set on 10.

I had issues back when I had them of what you stated. There was some peak usage periods in my area and I was on 6 but bill said 10 because it was the same. I could only get 6 after fighting with them they set it for 10 and I noticed very slight increase in good times but when the bad times rolled around it seemed to be slightly bareable around 2-3mbps.

Just and idea you might want to try.

I always tell my friends its best to be provisioned higher than what you get so when issues happen you have the buffer.


I know we are not too far, i know because there is a station right up the road, maybe a third of a mile up our road.

And they said they would send someone over on wednesday. Usually doesnt take this long to get a tech here.

And i asked them again about switching and they said they dont offer it in our area, only a max of 6.

And i decided to do a morning speed test of this "slow period" we are in. »www.speedtest.net/result/2676507199.png

As you can see, it is awful even at early hours, its consistently like this all day during our slow periods. Ill report back soon perhaps.

Boise, ID
Hey Tarkin96, I am sorry to hear that your speed has been erratic and slow. Send me an email with the following information so I can get this investigated and assist on the service billing. There are options here.


Account #:
Account Email:
Billing Name:
Billing Address 1:
Billing Address 2:
Billing State:
Billing Zip:

»bit.ly/TALKTOUS or TalkToUs@Centurylink.com

Centurylink Help Team