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reply to joe94553

Re: Is Comcast dropping local HD channels in "open QAM"

said by joe94553 :

there is always FREE Over the Air TV - HDTV antennas are getting better every year, and somehow they get around that

Actually Fox and other networks are now threatening to kill OTA transmissions.

I am quite aware of that possibility - but from a survey from last year - there were 54 million people who view TV through over the air antennas - so doing that would force them to pay for a service they were getting for free ---

And as I said above in another comment - there are other alternatives other than selling your soul to the greedy cable providers - there is Netflix and Amazon producing their own content - you don't need a cable company for that..

Also, TV is not like it used to be years ago when it was the main form of entertainment in the home - today there are video games, Blu-ray players, Facebook, Twitter, IPhones, IPads, IPods, tablets, laptops, the internet, etc... With all those alternatives - the cable companies may continue to ignore them and keep irritating customers - but those customers will have places other than TV to go for entertainment - it's happening now and with technology changing everyday - the list of alternative entertainment to Cable TV is growing