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New York, NY
reply to battleop

Re: Keep pushing your customers to prepaid ATT!

said by battleop:

"Just another reason to leave the sleaze by the wayside and sign up with an ATT MVNO that is flat rate"

The herd is too lazy. It's easier to stay with at&t and bitch than it is to leave at&t. If they keep this up and there is little to no churn after it then they think that the customer is OK with it and will continue.

That's exactly why it's so important for people to call, complain, move it up the chain, don't let level 1 support be you're main contact, ask for a supervisor right away. And most of all, either change companies or simply go back to landlines/VOIP.

There's no excuse for complaining and not doing anything about it. It's the same with voting. I refuse to have political conversations with people who do nothing but complain and won't even do their civic duty once a year to get to the polls and vote. Stop complaining and pay up or vote with your wallet.

Companies like ATT, VZN, Comcast, Cox, etc build in an allowance for churn when they make decisions to make changes like this. If customers don't make them exceed this allowance, then you are GIVING them permission to continue adding more fees. And remember, it's the stock holders, like me, and their management teams that benefit, not you, the customer! Think about that the next time you look at your bill and 1/2 a page is dedicated to taxes and fees. The fees are 100% the company passing the "cost of doing business" onto you. And other than fed, state, local sales taxes, it's the same for the other taxes. Washington won't tell corporations they have to pay their own taxes, so they just pass them along to you, the customer.

Stop letting them! There are tons of other choices out there. Net10, tracphone, Consumer Wireless, or even Credo (if you really love contracts.) Plus many others. Just do it!


You will never get high enough up the chain to someone who cares. They only thing they understand is an exodus of customers, nothing else.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.