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Colorado Springs, CO
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Re: [Connectivity] Do I Need a 10/100/1000 Switch

said by mpovit:

Hello Everyone:
Forgive me if I am double posting. I don't think my first post went through. I am having the Extreme 105 package installed. In my home network I use a Netgear JFS524, 24 port 10/100 Switch. Since the service I will be getting is 105 MBS. do I need to replace the switch with a 10/100/1000 switch? Do all of the computers on my network have to have 10/100/1000 Network Interface Cards?



Are you talking about a switch or router?

Generally you need to connect your modem's ethernet output to the WAN input of a router. You should use a router with a Gigabit WAN input port. Most such routers will have in addition four Gigabit ethernet ports to connect computers, printers or a switch for additional connections. The experience of folks in these forums is that if you have, say, a 100 Mb per sec WAN input on a router you will not get 100 Mb per sec throughput. Also, if you have multiple devices (other computers, Rokus, etc.) operating simultaneously you'll need the higher speed connections. Likewise, you'll need Gigabit ethernet ports in your computers. Newer computers will have them. If your computers are connected via WiFi, older WiFi routers may not have the ability to meet a 100 Mb per sec throughput particularly if multiple devices are connected for simultaneous use. If you need more than the four ethernet ports of the typical router you'll need a Gigabit switch. In an earlier post there was a recommendation for a four-port switch from Newegg that cost something like $20. Do a search of dslreports for the posting.
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I am talking about a switch.