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Colorado Springs, CO

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Re: [Connectivity] Do I Need a 10/100/1000 Switch

I agree w/ tshirt and others in this thread.

If you plan on keeping Comcast as your ISP for a year, you're better off buying your own modem. Current b, g, n modems (Motorola, Zoom) run around $80. At $7/month rental from Comcast you'll be saving money in about a year. Folks in these forums seem to be unanimous in suggesting a separate modem-router configuration. Besides being more flexible (easy firmware updates, easy/flexible configuration options, etc.) if something goes wrong it's easy to diagnose whether it's the modem or router that went bad and replace the one appliance. You can also future proof yourself today by getting an 802.11ac WiFi router. I've seen the Netgear ac router for $125.

The OP didn't say if he's getting telephone service from Comcast. If so your options are limited. Others in the thread can comment on those limitations.
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Dundee, IL

I just got Internet only. I am planning on getting my own modem. According to Comcast they will be installing an Aeris 862 TMG Gateway that has 4 gigabit ports on it.