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Docsis 3.0 Power Levels

Hi, currently my downstream power levels are at -10 across the board. My upstream power level is at 55. These values seem borderline acceptable and could potentially be the cause of the packet loss I've experienced. Over the past several weeks I have been experiencing random packet loss and have had a great deal of correcteds (10-15k a day sometimes) and a few thousand uncorrecteds.

On the 16th they came out and made some adjustments. Prior to this my downstream power levels were ~0 +-1 and my upstream was 45 without corrected/uncorrecteds. Afterwards my values were -8 across the board and 52. Depending on the time they both fluctuate down and up respectively. I understand that weather and temperature can affect this.

They replaced my modem (wasn't updating firmware. Zyxel i believe? Replaced with Motorola 6141) today but refused to make any readjustments stating it was 'fine' because the weather is the cause (Its been sunny and ~80 all day) and in a few days it will be lower. I live in Missouri. In the coming months we will have many storms and many temperature changes and some of them will be extremely fast. We will have very high temperatures. So, it is entirely possible that -10 isn't the lowest it will go.

Should I be concerned and should I continue to attempt to get them to readjust it? Thus far I'm not experiencing packet loss; however, it was completely random at the times it would occur and for how long and the severity. Sometimes it would be 5% and a few minutes others it could be 20% and a hour or any mix.

I have Cable America if this helps/changes anything.


Las Vegas, NV
Yes those power levels are bad. You will continue to have problems at random times. If there is a splitter coming to the modem try to connect without it and check the levels.

Preferred installation should be from the line into the house to the modem. If a splitter is required because of TV's also, then the first splitter should be one connection to the modem then the other going to the TV's or other splitters. There should not be more than one splitter before the modem. If you have splitters.