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Millenicom versus Hughesnet

Got a question that has probably been asked before, but I'm new here so please be easy. I have been a Hughesnet subscriber since the days of one-way satellite (DirecPC) and have been on the HN7000S for quite a while. Like everyone else, I have experienced good times and bad as far as speeds, outages, etc.. I currently am looking to either change service providers or upgrade to Gen 4. Millenicom seems decent but has anyone out there switched from sateliite to wifi and have any likes or dislikes they would like to share? Thanks for the help.

North, VA
As a former Hughesnet subscriber anything is better.


Nashville, TN
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EXEDE by Viasat would be better than Hughesnet anyday.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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I switched from WildBlue to Sprint 3G back in 2007. The difference in speed and latency was like night/day. The plans that Millenicom offers are far superior to a satellite connection. Sprint BYOD plan being 50GB and Verizon Hotspot at 20 GB. Can't get that data cap going with the providers directly ... you can only get it through Millenicom. Excellent service and support. No off-shore BS - entirely USA... and NO Contract--
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After using Hughesnet for several years and more recently cellular there is no comparison. As soon as I could get 3G or better cellular I swtiched and never looked back. Superior in virtually every way. The only possible area sat is better in would be a raw file download but anthing that requires interactivity such as games, VPN, etc. there is no contest. I remember playing online cards where people would ask if I was on dial up! VPN would take miniutes to move up one level in a file folder.

Cellular, even a 1 Meg 3G is fine for browsing, file download, some streaming and so on. In addition, at least through Millenicom, you can get a lot more data without the dredded FAP.

If you go the BYOD route with Sprint plan and get a LTE capable device and live in an LTE area you can compare 4G LTE to a good cable connection.


Stoughton, WI
reply to GfromInd
no experience with hughesnet due to the mostly poor reviews that i've seen. millenicom has been as close to perfect as you can get (on hotspot/4g plan). only one issue, the $70 monthly fee. it's about double it's real worth, but when it's the only/best option available due to location, i guess i bite the bullet. after 20+ years of dial-up, millenicom is a welcome change.


Senoia, GA
reply to GfromInd
So, did you dump Hughesnet? We did earlier this year when we went to the Verizon Jetpack. What a difference. Now we're with Millenicom, which is about $30 cheaper a month (would have been even cheaper but I get a corporate discount with Verizon).

We live in the country without cable or DSL. With the Hughesnet and satellite TV, anytime we had bad weather we would lose both services. Now, we still have the internet when we have bad weather and can monitor the weather. A must when you live in tornado alley.

Go ahead and dump HN,,,,, you will NOT regret it.