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not surprised

if you check on the verizon trucks doing installation for the last 2 weeks on my block at east new york ave between brooklyn and new york, in Brooklyn, you will see why they are behind on schedule. the guys come early in the morning, leave the truck on the whole time, they seat inside the trucks messaging and web surfing. before lunch time they come out and work for half hour and then the go have lunch, after that they are to tired to go back to work so they stay in the trucks till the end of the day. i have all on video.


Brooklyn, NY
I'd love to see that video!!!

Seriously, I applaud someone calling Verizon out on their failed promise but I bet part of their claim about landlords is accurate. Maybe someone could publish a list of the buildings refusing to permit Verizon access either because they want exorbitant fees or the landlord is getting a kickback from TWC/Cablevision? If nothing else, I'd love the option of FiOS just so I could call up TWC and tell them I'm switching and see how quickly my bill drops!

Any chance FiOS could install the fiber through my air conditioner sleeve and the box inside my spare room/office?


wow, today i'm very surprised, one of the guys is working for over 2 hours now!!!! haha!! but he disapeared for half hour and came back, lol!


reply to charly
Post it or it didn't happen.


Santa Monica, CA
reply to charly
I HAVE to check in on THIS one!

My son went to work as a lineman for Verizon when he was 18. He'd come home and tell me that it seemed he was making 'enemies', so, of course I asked him why. He said they didn't like him because he enjoyed his work. He was told they didn't want him around because it made them look bad...and for the same reasons cited above!

Don't need a video to know it's true...I saw it myself, and this was many years ago in Santa Monica, California. I'm sure it's no different anywhere.

PS...my son went into business for himself and has been very successful!
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