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Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY

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Landlords can be problematic in NYC.

In a big complex, there may be no trouble getting FIOS installed

Now let's move onto all those tiny brownstones and shingle shacks that got passed down to someone who lives off the rent and does nothing with their life but collect a check. Many probably throw Verizon's requests in the trash because it requires they actually lift a finger for nothing in return. Or rthey don't even get it to begin with. They know there's a violation when they're subpoenad to show up in court. You New Yorkers know exactly who I am talking about.

A vast majority of NYC's apartments are dumpy walk up buildings, a majority of whose tenants do not choose an apartment based on FIOS availability. Some care, but most don't. It's not like you send a fax, get a reply back in 1-3 business days, enter building and install. You have to track these fuckers down to get anything done, even if it's a legal requirement. Much less something as silly as faster internet service. Half of them don't even like having to show up to get a check, much less DO WORK..... and they show up, and they do the work for what? To make money. No. So you can enter their building and put shit in it, that doesn't make them money.

That's how the LANDLORD sees it. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying that's the mentality you have to realize you are dealing with if you expect to be successful.

It's true Verizon may be yanking our chain, and I am pissed that my store can't go over 3 mbps DSL with FIOS vans advertising two blocks away from me. At the same time... who the f#&k else is trying to wire the entire city with fiber? I don't see anyone else.
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Small buildings generally don't really need any landlord interaction- there's no equipment to be installed in the building, so you just do an aerial, and drill through the outside. I guess technically that requires landlord permission, but at least around here, no one seems to care, the cable and satellite companies just wire whatever to whatever. For simple drop the fiber and connect, Verizon should just go and do it. If the Landlord is that lazy, they won't complain.

I'd have to say it probably is incredibly difficult for Verizon to wire NYC given how dense, and how much of the infrastructure is underground, but OTOH, it is an incredibly big and prosperous market that only has one other competitor, and the number of subs per cable mile (so to speak) is completely unparalleled anywhere else in the US, other than a few blocks here or there in major cities.