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The lardlords are a problem

But Verizon employees are too. These dudes park their new gigantic trucks doing nothing in a corner. Five years into the franchise agreement and I bet only 40% of the city is wired.

Verizon CEO is a wireless guy and you can bet that he is behind of the slowdown. Two years ago empire city subway the company that lay the conduit for the fiber was very aggressive around the city then the Verizon trucks came and lay the fiber and bang access granted to the buildings in not time. Now I noticed something after Verizon bought the AWS spectrum from the cable companies they slowed down the rollout even in cities with a franchise agreement. Hmmmmn there is company called time Warner in NYC that is not concerned about competition because I believed they had direct words from Verizon that the complete wiring of the city will not happen.

When you have a problem with Twc about billing or service they don't seem concern about your anger because they know I will not have a choice of dumping them unless I move to one of the few buildings with FIOS. That sale of the AWS spectrum to Verizon came with hidding clauses which beside not expanding FIOS into new cities you also must slow the rollout in current cities with franchise agreements.

Bloomberg doesn't care as long as his new tech business sector in the city is wired with fiber not residents.