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WOW Internet connection drop

I see a few posts with a similar issue, but perhaps not the same.

I just started my WOW cable service in our new home this past Saturday. Using my own modem, a Motorola Surfboard 6120, we have great pingtest and speed...

However, we are losing connection for a second or so every hour. This effects gaming, VOIP, or any other always on service. Netflix and other steaming services that cache their data seems to be able to fight though it, but this is really unacceptable.

I spoke to a friendly Tier 1 tech on the phone this evening that pushed a firmware update. This seems to have had no effect on the issue.

I have spent this evening leaving a bandwidth monitor running (Tomato WRT) and can see a HUGE spike in data on the WAN line that is exactly the same time as the loss of connection. By huge I mean the monitoring software shows 100+ Mbps spike for a brief second.

Suggestions? Would trying the WOW approved hardware be a step in the right direction? Otherwise its back to Time Warner

Jeremy W

See what happens when you plug your computer directly into the modem. Removing the router is the easiest test to do, so you might as well do it first.


Rapid City, SD
reply to sean77
Seeing a 100+ Mbps spike for a brief second on a graph won't tell you much.


reply to Jeremy W
I haven't gotten a chance to try a direct connect. I have cleared all router settings, power cycled all device and can repeat the problem - even more quickly.

What is the next step in diagnosing this once I try a direct connection? Is there a reliable realtime scanner that can show exactly what happens to my connection I can do from my end?


"What is the next step in diagnosing this once I try a direct connection?"

Next step is ignore splitters, go to where your cable comes into the house from the main line, and hook the modem directly to that. If you are still having issues there the next step is to try a different modem. You can go pick one up at a local office or have a tech out. The tech can then check where your main line connects to see if there is issues there. If there is no issue there but issue in your house he will most likely replace that line. If he sees issues when he goes to check the main feed he puts in a work order and someone else comes out to check the main lines. Sometimes squirrels chew on the line, and water can get in there, but if it's just very minor damage it could be something as simple as you only notice when a gust of wind moves the cable enough for it to show it's effect. Either way tech will have to narrow down if it is isolated to your house or not, then they can proceed. This aspect is where WOW tends to not be so great. Personal experience is that if you get a signal within the acceptable range even if just barely in, and you get proper speed tests, then it's fine and that's all that matters. You really have to put your foot down and say there is a problem and keep pressing them to actually have them take it seriously. Took me almost 2 years to finally get my very similar issue fixed.


I really doubt its cable damage as the tech had to install a new end in that room and the house is barely 1 year old (all RG-6 cable).

Of course, in troubleshooting, you can never rule anything out...

Wish me luck.


The cable damage mentioned is on wows lines through your neighborhood not at your house. If it's underground though it's much less likely.