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Fayetteville, NC

[Embarq] Just had Bonded DSL installed. Looking for a good modem

Hi everyone. My first post here. I just had Centurylink install a bonded DSL connection giving me 25 mg in my home. Many problems so far. Internet getting dropped and the service is slow. I had 10 mg previously and was getting 13 on a speed test on a wireless device and now I'm only getting 14 on a hard wired device. The setup is a Cisco router/modem that CenturyLink gave me and I had them shut off the router portion of it so I could use my own router. Its not working out so well. After being switched around a bunch of times with tech support I am told there is no problem and it must be my router. I have a Linksys AE6500 connected to their modem which is a Cisco (not sure of model). I had a neighbor who used their modem/router and had the same problems I'm having. She got rid of it and got cable who is providing 50 megs of speed. I'm seriously considering this but I really like the company and not really fond of cable company at all.

My first attempt at a solution is to get a new stand alone modem. I'm having trouble finding just a modem (no router involved) for a bonded connection. It seems that the router/modem is a popular item for bonded connections. A couple of questions:

Could it be that my router is having trouble with the bonded connection?

Does anyone know of a stand alone modem that I can use with a bonded connection.

(By a bonded connection I mean the two phone lines are joined into one line coming into the house. I've heard you can bond the lines at the modem. This is not the case.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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