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Astak Mole Cam (IP Cam) Network Transmission Light-Dependent

I have an Astak Mole Cam that, for the most part, works okay, but at certain times of the late morning and early afternoon, cannot be viewed in Internet Explorer because the video screen area is black. The only workaround I have been able to come up with is run the camera in night vision mode.
Oddly, my WiFi connected Android phone with it's browser can view the Mole Cam video in color, without night vision mode. Internet Explorer, exclusively, seems to be unable to view the video at certain times of day. Cannot find any info on the web as to why this is. The quality of the video signal should not be blanking the digital transmission to IE, but not to the generic browser on an Android phone. The real mystery here is why video is viewable in the daytime only in Night VIsion mode! In normal mode, there is no video until late afternoon when the angle of the sun is low. At about 3:15pm, the IE browser starts getting a frame now and then, and after half an hour, it's up to the full frame rate that the camera is set to. The situation seems to be dependent on the angle of sunlight. Camera blanks LAN video when sun is behind camera (east), but starts to transmit images over the LAN when sun is in the west and close to setting. This is a real head scratcher!