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Re: State law regarding services.

How stupid are people. FIOS is... FIOS. It's amazing. TWC is crap in comparison.

In terms of RCN, how do your franchise agreements work? I'm not 100% sure, but as far as I can tell, here in CT, if a second provider gets a franchise license (this has been done by the municipality of Groton for TVC, which was recently sold to private investors), they have to serve 100% of that franchise area, just like the incumbent. In the case of TVC, that meant Groton, Ledyard, Stonington, and North Stonington. I haven't seen anywhere in this franchise area that can't get either Comcast or TVC, including all the apartment buildings. They both run their plant to the demarc point, and then they can just swap the cable off to the individual unit, at least that's how I understand it. It shouldn't be that hard for a large MDU to run a second cable plant up the middle of the building to where the demarcs are, so that they could be swapped over.

FIOS is a little different because it is fiber, and telco TV, so I don't believe that it would have to serve 100% anywhere. I think AT&T got some sort of waiver based on the technology, since U-Verse is too pathetic to be able to serve 100%, although I kind of wish the DPUC had regulated them as cable and told them 100% or nothing.