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Phoenix, AZ

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Does CL have something going on on the internal network?

I'm not noticing any packet loss with what i'm doing, but my roomie who has to VPN for work (works for an airline out east) is having dropped packets/VPN disconnects on the DSL line.

According to the DSLR Line Quality test, i'm having 10% packet loss, but most of that is on East or Central servers and the west ones are fine.

Who do i need to call? as it looks as if in the last forty tests ran the others seem to be having the same trouble spots.


Most of the issues look like their on the the Telia Sonera backbone CL is using, and low and behold when i ping his VPN server that's who it's routing through.

Who do i call at CL to get them to stop routing through Telia Sonera?

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said by brad152:

Who do i call at CL to get them to stop routing through Telia Sonera?

You don't. The decision for which company is used for transit is not an end user choice. Best you can do is try to get past Tier 2 support and complain to network engineering, if that is even possible.
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Phoenix, AZ
Well doing further testing it must be CL is not buying enough capacity from them, as from 12am-8am it did not do it, but after 8am it's started to loose more and more packets on that hop.

Also, i got up around 4am to test and low and behold it kept a 1.5hr VPN session no problem, but at 10am when the room mate went to go use it, it's dropping out.

I know when i had the problem with Time Warner, i called and complained and within a few days they stopped using AT&T to hop through in Chicago and the issue went away.