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[Troubles] Paying for 6 Mbps, only getting 1 Mbps!

Simple problem, I upgraded to 6 mbps last year to watch streaming mlb.tv ball games, which was so-so last season. This year the games are unwatchable due to constant freezes.

My speed tests are averaging 1 mbps down and 0.5 up. The modem is saying the down rate is 7 mbps and 0.7 up.

I would greatly appreciate it if somebody from Windstream would tell me if this can be fixed. If it can't I'll just have to drop my Windstream service and do something different. Located in Bardwell, KY. Thank you.


London, KY

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The best advice the forums can offer you is to go on over to
Windstream Direct, and post there. That forum is used for customer service provided by Windstream tier 3 technicians.

State your Name ,Telephone , address, and the last four digits of your social security with in the initial post for a faster response.

Windstream Direct

Entre Nous

Campobello, SC
reply to trafgoo
They told me to save my money when I attempted to upgrade.
They told me it would do no good and it was a waste of money.
That the system is overloaded and outdated.

They blamed it on growth and the lack of equipment.

I pay for 3 mbps and get 1.3. Its either 1.3 mbps or no internet at all.
I would never have the opportunity to post lower speeds as I could not get online. Its either working or its not.