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Cleveland, OH

Many different U-verse cable problems.

I am writing this post because of cable problems that I have that no one can resolve. I have had AT&T U-verse since 3/5/09. When we got U-verse there were some problems at first, then everything seemed to go smoothly for a couple of years. Recently a lot of different things started to happen. I recently had 15 service calls to my house; every tech that comes tells me something different is wrong.

I have had a many different problems; a lot of pixelation, live TV will pixelate then freeze, the TV will go black then say a message lost signal, the TV will seem to have interference with static lines across the screen. The dvr will not record properly, sometimes part of the show is missing, pixilation, the picture freezing, the sound missing, and peoples voices do not match there lips when they are talking. Often you cannot pause, rewind, or fast forward on the dvr. When I went on my computer that’s hard wired to the modem the one TV that is hard wired from the modem went black and said lost signal, this happened multiple times. One time a line tech was here he disconnected the cable from the house outside and I still was watching TV on my 62 inch big screen, which at the time had a wireless cable box. It must have been picking up a signal from a neighbors house. I called him in to see the cable was still working. He couldn’t believe it and called a tech to check it out.

The techs that came out have replaced modems; dvr’s, cable boxes, added a net gear Ethernet splitter, they said my coax cables were bad then took out 2 cable boxes and added 2 wireless boxes. At that time I was picking up a neighbors signal then they removed the wireless cable boxes and installed cat 5 cable to the 2 boxes. The last tech that came out said what do you want me to do? Did not have a clue as to what was going on with our history of past repairs or what was replaced. My wife said he needs to finish the cat 5 wiring the last tech didn’t complete. He said he will have to charge us. We were not charged by the last tech because of all the problems we were having. He then said there were no problems with the cable cat 5 wiring. My wife showed him a dvr recording with pixilation, freezing, and no sound. He said that shouldn’t do that. My wife called me at work and I explained over the phone as to what was going on with the cable. He said again that shouldn’t do that, he doesn’t see a problem with anything. He then got into his truck and left, did not replace or do anything.

As of today all the dvr problems still exist. The dvr will not record properly, sometimes part of the show is missing, pixilation, the picture freezing, the sound missing, and peoples voices do not match there lips when they are talking. Then once when in the recordings menu the dvr beeped and the font size changed to a larger size on its own. You could not read it because it was off the screen. Live TV will pixelate then freeze. I pay a lot of money for this service $215.00 a month. All I want is an answer; can someone repair the cable in my house? I need to know, if not I will go with another company. You should not have to deal with these kinds of problems with your cable TV, phone, and internet service.


Union City, GA
It sounds like you could be having problems on the outside. Techs coming to replace boxes and lines is putting a band-aid over a stab wound. First you need to ensure that your electric outlets are properly grounded, if not voltage can back feed through your boxes and cause pixelation and freezing on all TVs. You can buy a voltage decetor from Home Depot or Lowes and check that yourself. The other cause could be outside your home. The copper feeding your home can go bad and you may need to have a tech swap pairs to the copper feeding your home or even have the drop replaced. The techs that come out don't have a lot of time to spend at the house but if they know what they are looking for then they can fix the problem and get your service back up and running.


Saint Louis, MO
reply to dannysc11
Try this

1 Open internet explorer.
2 In the bar that now says "http://www.dslreports.com"
3 Type in “homeportal” Do not type WWW or HTTP only “homeportal”
This will connect you to your gateway.
4 Click in the “settings” tap.
5 On the setting page is another set of taps click in the “broadband”
6 Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Uncorrectable Blocks” Do you have a number that is more or less than 50 in the last 24 hours?

If the number is over 50 the problem is in or before the gateway.

If the number is 0 the problem is gateway , the set top box or the wire in between.



Cleveland, OH
Here is my broadband summary,I have not had the problem for a while. There were 5683 uncorrected blocks in the past. Is it possible my internet speed of 3Mbps causing this.

So no one needs to download and open the doc in the zip:
DSL Link Errors                                                         
Collected for 32Days2:37:06                                             
                                    Since    Current        Current           Time Since        
                                    Reset    24-hr int.      15-min int.      Last Event    
Link Retrains                              4            0              0  20Days5:11:28     
DSL Training Errors                        4            0              0  20Days5:02:31     
Training Timeouts                          3            0              0  20Days5:06:24     
Loss of Framing Failures                  19            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
Loss of Signal Failures                   19            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
Loss of Power Failures                     0            0              0         12:00:00 AM
Loss of Margin Failures                   19            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
Cum. Seconds w/Errors                     20            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
Cum. Sec. w/Severe Errors                 19            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
Corrected Blocks                     1206105           14              0         12:14:23 AM
Uncorrectable Blocks                    5683            0              0  20Days5:11:29     
DSL Unavailable Seconds                 1698            0              0  20Days5:02:07     

Springfield, IL
reply to dannysc11
Afraid to say this, but if you have a windows computer, you might want to download UVerse Realtime and post the IP/Profile, Error Table, Bitloading tabs.

It will be easier to read what is going on, than the analog information that the gateway shows. Once you are down pulling the screenshots, you are free to remove the tool at your choice, since it will do nothing else for you, unless you run into issues.

Of course, you can also contact the techs through the direct forum here at dslreports, without having to install the UVR tool, and they can run tests.

I will tell that the pixeling is usually a loose connection between the RG and the boxes if coax, or a nicked ethernet cable, or just a bad plant between you and the VRad & Central Office.

If you have to keep pressing the issue, try ATTCustomerCare over at »forums.att.com. You will have to sign up as a user to send a message to that team.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
reply to dannysc11
My parents had simmillar issues with frequent pixelation and lost signal on the tv's. They had many techs out and replaced all the equipment and wiring from the ped and in the house. They even moved them to different pairs. During all of this, the phone and internet were perfectly fine, but eventually it got to the point where we decided to dump U-Verse TV and go back to DirecTV. They still have U-verse phone and internet and have never had a problem with those.

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Grosse Pointe, MI
reply to old_tech
All that crap occurred in the error table 20 days ago and would not still be causing problems now. Something else is going on.



Cleveland, OH
reply to old_tech
Click for full size
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Cleveland, OH
reply to old_tech
Can you tell if anything is going on from these screen shots of IP/Profile, Error Tab, and Bitloading tabs. The past couple of days my wifi signal is very week. My computer connects but the browser will not load.Hard wired computer works ok.

Springfield, IL
Wifi is a different issue. That has to do with placement of the RG, how many other access points are around you that are crowding the channel that yours is set on.

As for your error table, yes you had issues 24 days ago, which all of those stats are from. Restart the RG, run it for seven days and post again what the Error Table shows.

Otherwise, your Bitloading looks good for your install. The only other thing that looks odd, is the Power level for Downstream, but again, could be related due to the RG not being rebooted for the past 24 days.

Unplug the Rg, then plug it back it, and let it run for a week, and repost the same three screenshots again, so we can compare.


Cleveland, OH
Click for full size
Click for full size
Click for full size
I rebooted the RG about 10 days ago, it's been fine until this weekend. I am posting IP/Profile, Error Table, and Bitloading, hopefully you can see something wrong. A tech is coming out Wednesday because our DVR only lets you view or record 3 HD channels at a time. Its a problem when you have 4 TV's and everyone is home. Also 1 TV lost signal today with a black screen. I rebooted the top box and it seems to be working ok for now. Thank you for your help.

Lisle, IL
The DVR can only view/record 3 HDs at a time - a fourth HD can be watched on another box, but no trick play/recording - a fourth recording/trick play has to be in SD
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reply to ILpt4U

Re: Many different U-verse cable problems.

The loss of signal failures occurred the other evening as if there was an update to the modem. It happened to me just like that down the street.

Dallas, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to dannysc11
The only thing obvious is that your power level is low. Have they tried swapping your connection to another card/port on the VRAD? I was having intermittent synch issues. They replaced everything, including the RG and buried cable to the pedestal and still the problems persisted yet were intermittent. They finally swapped me from an F card to a K card on the VRAD and my line stats improved significantly 15-20% and connection is solid now.

For reference, I am 1323 cable feet from the VRAD to my NID and I have a 2Wire 3801 RG also. My stats are very similar to yours other than the power level. My bitloading profile appears to be slightly better. The issues you are experiencing are usually a result of uncorrectable errors. The question is what the source of those errors is.
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