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Clinton Township, MI
reply to BiggA

Re: Nextel wasn't a bad decision for Sprint

said by BiggA:

They should get a real radio system. PTT is a joke. Then again, if people are stupid enough to pay for it... It's not like it uses much bandwidth.

QChat, Readylink, Direct Connect or just PTT. Regardless what it was call, people would still find issues with it because the Nextel name was no longer associated with it. My current phone, Motorola Admiral has DC. I know only 2 people who have it and I've used it. It works fine so not sure why people have problems with it. User error? Who knows but my current experiences is based on a standard set when I had a Nextel phone once, the Motorola I355. It still had to connect to a tower, it still had to find the person I was calling. This took time. Now, if I was near the person, I could use the walkie talkie feature but would kill the battery way faster. Once my phone found said person, it was a second or two delay to re-connect. The two people I know that have DC use Kyocera's DuraXT's. I don't see much if any delay once I establish the first contact.