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CinBell Fioptics complaints

I had Fioptics installed Saturday the 4th of May. Get ready for a list of complaints and a stern warning for anyone thinking about signing up for their FTTN service.

1) Let's start with the salesperson who came door to door. He said "I pulled out all the stops for your account and got you a great deal" etc etc. The usual. He pretty much said "keep it for 90 days or they will take away my commission"... that alone worried me. Way to stick by your product!

2) The installer snipped all of my Cat5e wires that I installed myself in order to take apart the twisted copper to feed his Cat3 jacks. Gee thanks.

3) The ZTE router web interface might be the worst thing I've ever seen with its unintuitive menus. I've seen complains about it before on here, so this isn't new, nor do I fault CB for a bad interface, but it's still not user friendly. Also, it doesn't do any broadcasting on 5GHz like my Airport Extreme. I looked up how to enable bridge mode on the router, but for some reason, this knocks off my TV STB. I called CinBell tech support and they said they do not support their router in bridge mode.

4) The is something seriously wrong with the set top boxes. The installer even said "This is the worst part about it" as he hit the guide button. My wife and I stood there while it took 10-15 seconds to come up. Then another 5 seconds to scroll through the guide per button press. Unreal. Even old school generation 1 digital cable boxes were NEVER this slow. We timed it and it's actually quicker to Google the TV guide, find the program you want, and manually input the channel before you can find it on the guide.

4b) Setting up a series recording is hilariously awkward. See ANY other set top box DVR ever made, even as far back as TiVo series 1 and hitting the record button twice will start a series recording with the default series recording options. The fact that there is an option menu that pops up when you try to start a series recording is weird and unintuitive.

4c) I was told by tech support that there is an update being pushed on May 20 that will "fix all the boxes". Since I have the service for at least a month, we will see...

5) During the NASCAR race on Sunday on Fox, every few seconds, the picture and audio would hang for about 1-2 seconds then quickly catch up. It repeated this about 40 times over the course of the race. We thought it might be the broadcast since they were having weather issues at the track, but there was no problems with the feed coming from our antenna.

6) We have one STB in the kitchen and one in the living room. There is open space between the two rooms. When we change the channel on one box, it changes on the other. When we turn off one box, it turns the other on, etc. So, it seems that we have two identical boxes and two identical remotes. Is there any way to separate the two signals so I do not control the wrong box? Isn't this something the installer should have noticed? Right now, we are having to hide the kitchen STB behind our microwave so the IR blasts do not crossover.

Overall, I am very disappointed in Fioptics. In fact, I called today to cancel service and the lady said "we do not prorate, so you might as well keep the equipment until June". Wow. No contracts, true, but if I was sold something that I'm not happy with, I shouldn't have to be stuck with it. Insight lets you cancel and restart at will, so why can't Cincinnati Bell?


Cincinnati, OH

If you use the VDSL router/modem in bridge mode then your own router needs to support IGMP proxying for the IPTV service to work.

The ZTE STBs have been the source of many complaints unfortunately. I wish CB would try another vendor!


reply to cincyguy

Hi cincyguy,

My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell. Can you email me your account # and a convenient contact # so I can have someone from our Fioptics Team reach out to you? Email me at cincinnati.bell@fuse.net with "cincyguy, attention Katie" as the subject line.


Cincinnati Bell
Social Media Team