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Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

When I got this company...

When CL first pulled POTS and replaced it with converted-to-DSL POTS to the house, the net whizzed at 10down but the ,50 couldn't support a phone. After listening for 6 moths to the beta tech support and their canned bs about how "you are receiving the best possible service in your area" while I read about them sending 100 TB to France and 100 TB England, and 45/45 to Las Vegas I did something illogical. I called my state commerce commission and asked for relief. It did take them a month to fix the uplink so I could make a phone call most of the time.

Then they tried to add $300 for service calls when I pay for inside service and the problem is not inside the house or to the plant. In their cheap a** equipment. They backed off on that. Last month they tried tacking on junk taxes that do not related to me or my NINE year contract. Then came the screwing around with the email. I got 13 emails Sunday I read a week ago. This company is so much fun I can't stand it longer.
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