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united state

Something wrong in WI or bad modem?

Black River Falls, WI here and between the hours of 2 and 3 AM CST something went wrong with our internet.

I can connect to Steam, Digsby, and ping sites via Pingplotter and Tracert, and connect to online game servers. Unable to upload a screencap of Pingplotter because of three web browsers, none can navigate to simple webpages without multiple refreshes and even that's iffy.

I've disconnected the router and tested it. I can navigate to and change settings within the router.

The modem, on the other hand, I cannot navigate in. I can get to the first screen, but clicking on anything else navigates me to an error page. This error page persists when I try to navigate to the modem until I power cycle it. As such, I am unable to reset settings within in it and test it out of bridge mode. I then attempted a factory reset of the modem, but as I said, I cannot even navigate to it on either of the two computers in the house.

Things seemed A-OK according to Pingplotter and tracerts so I'm stumped as to what's going on.



We are out here in lacrosse. Sat on hold for over an hour with no answer.


Olathe, KS

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All of the people who i called this morning in the family are reporting no DSL service with CLink. It appears to be quite the severe routing issue.

When i did a check on BGP announces, absolutely no routes for CLink are being advertised. It's acting as if we do not exist on the internet.

Edit; I am in the Kansas City region.


Olathe, KS
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According to the outages mailing list, it's apparently a nationwide issue with CenturyLag err CenturyLink right now. Pretty much everything CL is currently down. =/


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CenturyLink service out in northern Michigan as well. There are some reports of a nationwide outage.


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Have the same issue here in Mt. Carmel TN.


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CenturyLink DSL is down in Florida. How could they have a nationwide collapse? This is worse than Windstream losing voice last week.



We are completely out in ft Hood Texas. Calling them is a waste of time because the number has been busy for the past 3hours



There is a global outage that is affecting 21 states that is through Centurylink Service. They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Services should be restored within the next hour and a half.

The states affective by the outages are…

Organ, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Kansas, Montana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Washington, Philadelphia, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

To add they do have a commit time of tomorrow by 6am if services are not restored as advised.

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Tried an older modem earlier that still has a system log and it said "no response from authentication server".

On a reboot, it finally came back up, but their DNS servers are down. Tried for DNS and all is well.


Ankeny, IA
reply to wilme2

My C-Link DSL was out this morning as well.


La Crosse, WI

I tried google via n IP address I saved, », and it worked just fine. So it could be a DNS issue.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV

Service is out here in Vegas. My Business DSL, and my friends DSL a few blocks away, is out. I can ping some sites on the CL network, but not on the internet. Calls to 611 and the Business office get a busy signal. Trying to reach DSL support, I get a message that my call can't be transferred due to technical difficulties.

Right now, I'm connected using my Karma hotspot on the Clear network.


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Utah is affected as well. Started about two hours ago.


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Same thing, the internet light is on and everything reads connected on our modem, but I have no service using either my desktop or laptop. However, I noticed last night that I could still access the internet using my son's laptop, which is connected to the same wifi as everything else. Doesn't make sense at all.

On a side note, is it bad that I hope it continues? Our bandwidth exhaustion issues in this area are so severe, this is the first time in a month I've actually been able to watch videos...


reply to Poguemahone0

It is the DNS thing; my son said he switched me to google's and now everything works fine.

With 99% of Centurylink's customers unable to log on, I'm enjoying getting the service I'm supposed to for once. He started a bunch of movies downloading for me so that I'll have something to watch when they fix the problem and my connection goes to crap again.


Lehigh Acres, FL
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Centurylink working in south florida. Is the problem fixed for everyone?


Alma, AR

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reply to Poguemahone0

it's intermittent in Arkansas. Some times it works and other times it does not. Internet light on modem showing red.