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Saint Louis, MO
reply to bobjohnson

Re: [HSI] WTF Charter.. Stop giving me a hard time

said by bobjohnson:

I should start running a business like that Tell my potential customers to pay for everything so I don't have to invest in anything and there's no waiting for ROI. Hmm, whatever happened to "If you build it they will come?"

Urban legend just like "the customer is always right" is a urban legend.

Infrastructure costs, both in legal fees and construction and upkeep, the end users will foot the bill either by higher monthly charges or a up front payment for the work. 60 homes is not a good return considering there is no promises that all 60 will pick charter as their provider for cable and internet. Direct tv is prevelant in the area I work and live with dish a close second. In my subdivision of 130 homes home the majority have sat dishes - mine included, I only have charter for internet.