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Welcome to the 4th Reich

Does anyone else see a re-occurring theme here? Same tactics (different technologies) were used by the Gestapo to subdue and neutralize the ability of the German population to react to the government.
Our esteemed Congress, President and Supreme Court are rapidly turning into nothing but worthless pretenders who have illegally gutted our Constitution and our rule of law. Yes there are bad people out there and yes we need some way of keeping them at bay but at what price? Guilty until proven innocent, no recourse to government search and seizure, no trial by peers no due process, questionable incarcerations, collateral deaths are considered acceptable. Encrypted messages are NOT illegal (yet) and unless there is a warrant with a genuine reason issued then stay out of my private life. I personally have never sent an encrypted message(no reason to but this may change with the Federal government tactics)


The same trend seems to be active in many countries. Maybe the Arab Spring and the London riots created some panic amongst the elites? Guess we won't really know what is going on until it has already happened

Madison, AL
reply to Twaddle
^^^Godwin's Law proved right once again... :P

Edit: Not disagreeing with anything you typed just adding a little humor to a very sad thread.