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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL

Email should never have a backdoor

No way should any government order give access to email.
Just because new technology can log things does not mean things should be logged.
These anti-privacy laws are just going to destroy the "server" market in the US as companies and end users will want to use servers in countries with privacy laws.
Why would anyone want to use US companies and servers when they know their data wont be private??

When it comes to new technology, the laws need to mandated that no logs are kept and that no logs can be used against someone.
The same goes for email.
The end user should have 100% control over who can access their logs and records that tie to their name or any identifying information.

Pre-email you would have a stack of paper that you could burn or lock in a safe and no court could ever find it or get it unless it was stolen from you.
Email laws need to keep the same level of privacy making the end users the 100% owner of all logs and records of emails and only going through the end user can those records be accessed.
So if the end user does not give up the records then no one should be allowed to use them.

All they are doing with this BS is forcing people to run their own web and email servers or use web an email servers in other countries with protections.