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Boca Raton, FL

Fastest Possible iPad Download Speed

I'm trying to run a test to figure out what the download speed limit is of the iPad (All versions) for a project.

I was hoping a few people with really fast connections 50 Mbps + would be able to test using any speedtest app for the iPad and let me know what there result is, what version iPad they are using and what the advertised speed of there connection is.

So far running a local server and doing about a 1000 tests, the max that Ive found is about 57 Mbps. I haven't seen anything faster then that. I'm using an Apple Air Port on 5 GHz N WiFi.


Toronto, ON
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I believe even the latest iPad 4th generation only has a single antenna, so its wifi N speed is limited to a maximum theoretical 150mbps, but in my experience with over 10 years playing with WiFi, is that you divide that number by half to get a reasonable speed.

I have a 50meg connection at home and apple time capsule as wifi access point, i'll try it at home on my iPad 4th gen when I get home.


Wilmington, DE
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On my 50/25 FiOS connection I have got 58.54/40.53 on my 4th gen iPad. This is using the AirPort Extreme built into my Apple Time Capsule on the 5 Ghz N WiFi. Using the speedtest.net iPhone app on the iPad.

Bob W.

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Saratoga, NY
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Coincidentally I have been running tests for this at work. For one of our laboratories that we are a contractor for they are using the iPad4 to communicate to special scales and microscopes. The have a direct gigabit pipe for the wireless system specifically and that is connected to a research by level 3. Their pings are the lowest I have seen.

Using a Cisco 2504 with 1140 APs, the fastest servers show around 75mbit bidirectional. (AP has 300mbit max)

The iPhone5 that I use, gets a bit more around 100/100. My laptop (Dell) can get to around 220/220 if I use the local pop as speed test and stand under one of the APs.

If I use the server (MS 2008) wired to the pipe at DMZ I max out whatever server I am testing. During the install we got steady rate of around 700mbit up/down to pop, which is very good for such a line.

hope that answers the question.

Also all of this was done with only one device on the network at a time.
This is not the greatest post in the world, no, this is just a tribute!


Toronto, ON
reply to HiVolt
I tried my iPad4, on a 50meg VDSL2 connection using 5ghz time capsule, and it maxed out at 50meg no problem. this is on speedtests local to me in Toronto Canada.

Springfield, IL
reply to dlewis23
The fastest speed that I have seen on any device with a Wireless-N chipset, regardless if iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile OS, was 65mbps.