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[Free] Greenshot 1.1: Introducing the Capture Zoom

Greenshot 1.1 is available
released 2013/05/07
You may have noticed that we have been busy with release candidates in the last few weeks. Now, after three release candidates, the few issues that existend seem to be sorted out, so that Greenshot 1.1 is available for download now.

Greenshot 1.1 includes one of the recently most requested features: the new capture zoom is very helpful while selecting a region to capture: it displays a magnified view of the area around the cursor, making it easy to select pixel-exact regions, no matter how tiny they are. The zoom view is flexible enough to stay out of your way as you move the cursor on the screen, but in case you do not want or need it, you can either toggle it off/on easily during capture region selection by hitting the Z key, or disable/enable it in the settings.

Another nice addition is a new output file format called “Greenshot”. When saving a screenshot from the image editor in Greenshot format, you will be able to re-open the file with Greenshot later and have your annotations, shapes etc. still editable.

PortableApps users will be happy to hear that Greenshot is now released for the PortableApps platform, too.

But these are just a few of the new features, there are some more, as well as a lot of bug fixes, extended/improved and/or added translations.

Have a look at the detailed change log entry for Greenshot 1.1 below, or head over to our download page right now to get hold of the new version. We hope you like it as much as we do
Greenshot is free and open source

Published under GPL, this software can be downloaded and used free of charge, even in a commercial environment.

Greenshot 1.1.4 build 2622 Release:
» ··· re-zoom/
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Thanks, the zoom capture is a nice feature add. Normally I've used Greenshot for down and dirty quick captures, but this feature will be it easy to get the right screen grab easily the first time.
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Re: [Free] Greenshot 1.1.5 Bugfixes

Greenshot 1.1.5 - New release with bugfixes and language updates
Two weeks ago we have published Greenshot 1.1. Just today we have uploaded an updated version (1.1.5), which fixes bugs that have been reported since then – most notably an error message occurring in Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop shadow or torn edge effect to a screenshot, and color prints being printed in grayscale under certain conditions.

We have also received some updates for the translations, which are included in this release: Estonian has been added as a new language (thanks a lot to Olav for submitting the translation), and there are updates for the Ukrainian, Russish, Polish and Italian translation as well.

For all of you interested in more details, read the change log below. Or just download the latest release from our downloads page.
1.1.5 build 2643 Bugfix Release
Bugs resolved (for bug details go to » and search on the ID):
• Bug #1510: Under Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop-shadow or a torn-edge effect a GDIPlus error occurs.
• Bug #1512/#1514: Will not print color
• Not reported: Annotations where not visible when exporting to Office destinations after writing in the Greenshot format.
• Not reported: Removed the update check in Greenshot for PortableApps

• New translation: Estonian
• Updated translations: Russian, Polish and Italian
• New installer translation: Ukrainian
• New plugin translations: Polish
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Re: [Free] Greenshot 1.1: Introducing the Capture Zoom

+1. Only, in my case, it was a used to. I deleted it from my system at some point in that I already did most of my capturing with my editing software. But with the ability to zoom added, I do believe that it's worth trying again.