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This is a sub-selection from Pure speculation.

Mojo 77

reply to FFH5

Re: Pure speculation.

What I really like is there's a huge article here clearly outlining proven fraud perpetrated against a service that's intended to help the elderly and hard of hearing, and you and barney here's only comment is that you think it's outrageous to speculate that we could be talking billions of dollars in fraud.

The DOJ lawsuit alleges tens of millions, the FCC alleges unspecified millions. Neither did an audit because they're weak-kneed weasels and AT&T would fight them for years in court. The DOJ estimated that 95 percent of AT&T's IP Relay call volume was fraudulent foreign callers. The article speculates that it could top out in the billions, and with a decade of use I'd tend to agree that's a very real possibility over 10-15 years of abuse.

You guys are either trolls or obtuse.


Columbus, OH

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How much of that "foreign" traffic was US prankers using intl VPN's

netbus developer
Brighton, MA
none most likely.