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Bradley, IL

internet question

So i currently have att dsl basic 28.00 dollars a month. Speedtest 0,66 download. So i have mediacom cable. I called them up. The guy said prime for 14.95 a month two years locked in free modem 9.95 install. I said how much after two years. He said 49.95. I said i don't want to spend this much after two years. I want to spend around 29. He said after two years before the 49.95 would kick in. Call up and say i want to down grade to launch. Which he said would be 29.95 a month. Does this sound rite Or am i missing something.

Finally i'm in Momence,Illinois. I don't see any reviews from my area.

Thanks and EVERYBODY feel free to chime in.


Streator, IL
I am not sure of the price as I dont see anything along those lines in the packages I can see, however the free modem doesn't sound correct to me.


Charleston, IL
reply to Todd12
Prime Internet: 15 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload/250 GB cap - $49.95
Launch Internet: 3 Mbps download/512 KB upload/150 GB cap - $29.95

They provide the modem free but, you'll pay $5.00 a month rental fee... unless, they are waving the modem rental fee for 2 years, which I doubt.

MediacomChad can give you more info on this.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

If you have any questions please feel free to private message me. I can give you the full price for these services. However, there are promotions like the one the rep mentioned to you on the phone. At the end of these promotions the price will go to full. At that time you can attempt to get into a new promotion.