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Internet connection dropping repeatedly

I've had WOW for a 1.5 years now in our house. In the past week or two, I have noticed a significant issue with our connection. I have had to reset the router/modem at least once a day to resolve connection issues. Now I can't even do simple web browsing without the connection dropping every 10 - 15 minutes (sometimes less). I wish I was joking, but it's getting so bad I'm considering dropping them completely. I've had no issues until recently which makes it all the more frustrating. A tech is coming out tomorrow and I don't want him to leave without doing something because this really shouldn't be happening.

I went to the signal of the modem to get the following stats:

Downstream Value
Frequency 621000000 Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio 34.4 dB
Power Level -15.1 dBmV
The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading

Upstream Value
Channel ID 8
Frequency 37500000 Hz
Power 55.2 dBmV

The download power seems way too low, and the upload power seems way too high, though I could be wrong here. Tonight alone since I've been home for about 3.5 hours, our connection has dropped at least a dozen times. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


You're right on the signal levels being off. For downstream I think most companies say an "acceptable" level is between 5 and -5. I think they like upstream around 40. Hopefully the tech will find an obvious issue and be able to correct it.

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Columbus, OH
reply to rem25
Downstream is good anywhere form -8 to 8.

And your upstream is way off. I'm shocked WOW hasn't called you yet asking why it's so high because you're saturating the node right now.

My upstream was at 52 last year and WOW called me saying they saw it and was sending a tech out to investigate.


His upstream has no effect on the node. Upstream is just how high his modem has to ramp up to talk back to the cmts. It will not effect other customers.
But yes your signals are total crap so its a good thing the tech is coming out. Upstream is in spec from 35-50 on WOW's system. Downstream from -8 to +10 and snr from 32 to about 40. I like to see snr 35 and above personally and yours should come up once the signal is fixed.


Columbus, OH
reply to rem25
My modem has been losing connectivity multiple times a day the last couple of weeks also, usually for 2-5 minutes. It reconnects on its own w/o resetting the modem.

I had this same problem last spring for a week or two, then I picked up a new modem. It still happened with the new modem a few times and eventually stopped. So I assumed it was not my equipment, but something on WOW's end.

Maybe it's weather related, or how WOW adjusts it's signal strength depending on the weather or time of year.

All winter my HTPC cable card picture/audio quality sucked, with frequent pixelation and audio drop-outs, whereas my cable box's were fine. All my Ceton signal diagnostics were always within the recommended range.

I had a tech visit scheduled a few weeks ago, and the day before the visit the problem got 90% better, so I cancelled the visit.

So it seems I've traded one problem for another.



Columbus, OH
reply to rem25
Everything I'm reading in this thread, I've been through. Multiple times. And yes, it's always been on WOW's end.

But finding that out has always been a hassle. The last time, it required Dan's help here.

It starts with using their cable modem, so they have no excuse not to have the diagnostics they need. Of course, if the problem is intermittent, they'll claim they "need to be there when it's happening" in order to do anything. That's not true, but you'll still have to work through that.


reply to rem25
So a WOW tech came out today and he first tested the line going into the modem, which goes straight to the box outside. He said the signal was pretty terrible. We went outside and the first thing he noticed was that the cable seemed to be going from the house out really far, so he followed it. It ended up terminating behind a neighbor's house about 400 - 450 ft away from my house, connecting to two poles on the way there.

The tech was pretty shocked to see someone would run a line that far as he said that would cause a loss of signal when it gets to my house. We then walked to another neighbor's house because there were no lines going there he could see. He found another line terminating that was buried, only this was about 150 ft from my house. He said they would have to come out and bury a line to my box as that would boost the signal and cause it to not have as many issues. He said that would take 1 - 2 weeks to complete. When we first got the service, we had cable & internet, but recently dropped cable. He said that could be part of the problem too, though I don't remember his reasoning. The final thing he noticed was the 4 way splitter that was there was a crappy brand and probably was failing which would've caused problems too.

He did a direct connection from the line going to the modem to the line outside and tested that. The connection was a lot better. I haven't used it much tonight, though it did go out temporarily again. I guess I'm glad to know something is going to be done about it. I just feel a little bad they'll be tearing up my neighbor's lawn to put down the cable.

I checked the signal again myself and received these results:

Downstream Value
Frequency 597000000 Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio 36.8 dB
Power Level -6.2 dBmV
The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading

Upstream Value
Channel ID 8
Frequency 37500000 Hz
Power 39.5 dBmV