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I rise when the sun goes down
Princeton Junction, NJ

iPad app...a done deal?

OK, it took forever and a day but they finally rolled out the iPad app a few months ago. It was a good start, but why haven't they added more channels by now? SO much is missing from the lineup! Are they planning to develop things further or is this yet another example of a half-baked Verizon "feature"?


White Plains, NY
Still waiting for TV everywhere. No app for computers or android. The LG app was just dropped.

I'm not surprised TV everywhere is dead. Verizon would make a lot less money with less box/cable card rentals and reduced flexview sales.


Montclair, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Steely
Not sure what the future holds, but between the FiOS iPad app and the many network-specific apps like Watch ESPN, HBO Go, Starz Play, etc. there are still plenty of options available to simulate "TV everywhere." (Btw, the DirecTV app offers a very similar channel lineup for its app as well.)

Franklin Square, NY
I looked at this for the first time. Does anybody know how many channels are available for Live TV Viewing on a PC? I see a list of networks, and almost everyone just has On Demand Viewing of older shows. I don't see many channels you can actually watch live on a computer. I see Golf Channel has live viewing. Does anybody know how many others there are? Thank you.


Township Of Washington, NJ


East Amherst, NY
reply to Steely
Assume you are talking about FIOS Mobile TV app, and it has most of my SelectHD channels, however it is spotty to run as of the last update.

They did make a minor update a few weeks ago which seemed that they added more DRM because now streaming is practically unwatchable and channel entitlements is not uniform from session to session. So much for progress.

I would kill session data a re-log in. Maybe the entitlements isn't updating correctly.

The Xbox app is good, but since I use W7MC, I have no need for it.
Verizon has NEVER known to have good software or keep it up to date, so I assume anything out of Verizon that doesn't charge you $10 a month, is shelve ware.

Crazily enough they don't have a Roku app. If that were the case, I would put one in the bar area, and use it for sports and nix the xbox360. I'd even pay for it...

After watching a show for 30 minutes I was reminded just how much I hate commercials, and just don't bother anymore. ONLY for live sports (not many w the new tier) would I even consider it, and even so frequent trips to the kegerator reduce that exposure..

I rise when the sun goes down
Princeton Junction, NJ
No local channels or major broadcast networks, no MLB Network, no RSNs...

Lots of channels missing that I like to watch.