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Fort Worth, TX

Port Forward 50001?

I have a 3801HGV uverse router. I have been trying to open the port 50001 on this router. For some reason, it won't open in TCP. Does uverse have this port locked? I am trying to run Airplayer app and it requires ports 50001 and 50002. Thank you for any help

Springfield, IL

No. Did you follow the info over at »www.portforward.com. To make it easy, you go to the Applications, Pinholes & DMZ, do not click on any devices listed in Section 1. Just go down to the bottom where the list of pinholes are, and click on "Add a new User-Defined application".

Enter a unique name in "Application Profile Name", then in "Create Application Definition" for "Port (or Range)", enter the port 50001 in the From, 50002 in the to field.

It worked for me on my 3800, when I entered the port info that you are stating that you are having problems with. Once you click back, then go to Section 1), choose device you want to assign the ports to, then click "User Defined", choose the one that you created, then click save, and it should work.