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Over Limit Experience? + Weird Meter

Okay, I moved to the country recently, and I'm not used to satellite internet.

But I have two questions about Hughesnet.
One, how slow is it if you go over the limit?
I'm wondering if I should really worry about it that much.
I don't really need fast internet, but if it's unusable, I'll try not to exceed the limit. I mean honestly, I'd be happy with dial up speeds during the last part of the month if it meant I could watch some Youtube videos during the beginning part.

But two, I went to »www.systemcontrolcenter.com/. It said that I have 10/10 GB of my anytime hours still available. I know I've used probably 2 GB at least. The bonus byte period doesn't start for about an hour.
Any idea why that would be happening? Did I accidentally get a free upgrade to unlimited internet? Or is it just unreliable?


Coos Bay, OR
After you go over the limit you won't notice a lot of difference with ordinary web surfing. However, videos, etc, will be much worse.

I'm on HN9000, non GEN4, so I don't know what's going on there. However, things are really spotty with Hughes, and they have been cutting users some slack, off and on, because of their poor service. In my case they have given me several restore speed tokens free.


reply to Yelsel
Not sure how long they do it for now, but new customers get a period of time where data allowances are not actually counted against them fully, when Gen4 first launched it was a month, I think now it's a week or so... I suggest keeping a close eye on the usage.


reply to Yelsel
Ah, heh. It started going down today.
It seems to have lasted for a week.

I'm interested to hear that it shouldn't really matter tooo much for normal web browsing, though. That is reassuring.


Lyons, OR
reply to Yelsel
I've not been Fap'd on Gen4 yet, so can't comment on speeds.
Currently the "Bonus Bytes" are unlimited, not sure how much longer that will stay in effect. So be sure to schedule Windows updates and any other updates for that time period (2am - 8am local).
I have an online backup program for my data and I have it set to kick off daily at 7am......
HT1000, Gen4, Power PLUS, Beam 10, Windows 7


The saga continues!
The meter was down to 9.5 GB yesterday, but now it's back up to 10.

I am totally not sure what's going on.

But yeah, I'm liking the bonus bytes thing. Furiously downloading a bunch of radio programs and stuff like that to listen to for when it it is limited again, heh.


Sterling, MI
The meter constantly reset for me for 4 months after signing up, hopefully it keeps doing it for you! Web browsing is about the same as dial-up once you get FAP'd, my avg download was about 10kbs while loading web pages.