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Brush Prairie, WA

question about new remote terminal

The 20 or so homes right around my house are in a relatively rural area and are at the maximum dsl distance from the remote terminal (18,000-19,000 feet). We have all been stuck on their 1.5mbps service for years with no hopes of upgrades. As a result of a new apartment complex going up near our current remote terminal (3.5 miles away), CTL is installing a new remote terminal. The white metal boxes are all installed and I've seen electricians at work connecting the power so I assume that the RT will go live in the near future. The new RT is being installed directly over our phone lines about 8,000-9,000 cable feet away from our homes so if they switched our pairs to the new RT, they would cut the line distance by more than 50%. Is there any way to find out if this is what they will do or do they tend to keep such plans a secret until they are actually implemented? I'm curious because, coincidentally enough, Comcast is installing 2 inch conduit down our street today and I will likely soon have to decide if I want to make a long term commitment to their service.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
The only way to easily find out anything is to stop and ask the people that are working on the new terminal. Try to catch someone that has a CL logo on their vehicle or clothing. A large majority of the people working for CL won't know anything until the unit is fully operational.