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I still just don't understand this.

They pay for internet, I pay for internet. Now they want them to pay again?

This whole data cap stuff is just fluff to get more money. On wireless I understand. On wired, not so much. Does AT&T have a cap on how much data Level 3 can send/receive from the network? Nope, so why should I?

If a network was properly built and maintained this wouldn't be an issue. Because they decided to delay upgrades so long now they want to make us pay for it.

In the end of the day this is bad for the consumer only.

Even IF companies agreed or wanted this who pays this fee in the end? WE do. ESPN would just jack up the programing cost for example. Meanwhile AT&T makes more money and give us less...

What's next, the power company wants Dell to pay them because people are plugging Dell computers into the power grid?

Our FCC suck a$$ and this shiz needs to stop. Either get rid of all the dumb laws and restrictions so new business can be an ISP or local gov or regulate the crap.

My area can't even start up an ISP if I wanted because local regulation and laws prohibit it... BS.


Tuscaloosa, AL
Of course it's BS. In the carriers' view, they want to extract money from every single person or company they can.

Hell, if they could figure out how, they'd charge your friend extra when you allowed him to watch a Youtube video with you on your phone. They'd spout some BS line along the lines of, "The data you buy is for your personal consumption only. If someone else benefits from it, they must pay for that."

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
I have actually made a theory that when cable boxes get cameras, The MPAA will force this on VOD providers... Make people register how big the family is and if it senses greater than that number is pops up a screen requesting more money.

foil hat theory I know, But also not something I would put passed the content industry.
[65 Arcanist]Filan(High Elf) Zone: Broadband Reports


Tuscaloosa, AL
I seem to remember reading about a company (Microsoft, I think) patenting a technology to do exactly that.

Karl Bode
News Guy
Verizon and Microsoft both did. IIRC Verizon's patent was rejected for some reason.