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Phoenix, AZ

[Embarq] Why is CenturyLink's website always broken?

So i'm curious as to why CenturyLink cannot even tell me what services are available at my aunt's place in Ohio.

Everytime i type her address in, it just comes back and tells me "Oops we're trying to get you to the right place" and gives me an option to start all over again.

I've tried different address' and it seems isolated to ones in Mount Sterling, OH area. Half of the area is AT&T land, so i'm wondering if that has something to do with it as well?

Anyway is there any other place i can check without having to call someone (i'm in Phoenix, so it's hard to get someone on the legacy Embarq side before i get off work that's of any use) as the website has been broken for a few weeks. She has HughesNet now and i want to see if she can even get DSL since anything is beter than Satellite internet.


Call 800-201-4099 and select new customer. That's the number for legacy Embarq.