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Carpentersville, IL
reply to congodog

Re: [Bill] Ghost Modem Billing

said by congodog:

My wife is a technophobe. And she pays the monthly bills in the household. When she saw the billing for 3 modems, she assumed that meant the Comcast box associated with each TV. WRONG.

If your wife is really such the technophobe that she is, I would think she would know the difference between a Cable Modem, and a Cable TV Box. Even if she did not, I would think the first thing she would have done years ago now would have been to call Comcast and ask!

As others have said, this is your own fault. If each month you get a physical statement in the mail from them, and you pay it without question, knowing that something may not be right.....that is your own fault for not knowing what you were getting and paying for.

That's why they send you a bill with an itemized list.

I'm no lawyer, but I don't see your class action suit going anywhere except for it to fall on deaf ears.

--Brian Plencner

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