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Re: [Bill] Ghost Modem Billing

I see that you just joined DSLR. Welcome. If you do not already know it, this is a private site that provides forums on all types of subjects, with many dealing just with tech. Also on its main page, it provides news that may have an affect on tech, broadband and such.

Have never had your experience, just a handful of folks that got sideways with Comcast or any other company that sends out bills. To be blunt, the problem usually turns out, to not reading the bill and just assuming.

The many years I have been with Comcast, I have not had a problem reading their bills. One caveat- usually the first bill with a new account or anytime changes are made, needs extra scrutiny, due to the credits, billing ahead and such. Even those, I have not had a problem coming up with what I owe, if it is correct and what next month's bill will be.

My recent story: I just upgraded TV to a different Tier and with it they gave me phone for no extra cost for a year. This requires a different EMTA modem.

They did supply a box and return label to ship old modem at no cost via UPS. I was lazy and it took several months until before I sent it back.

During that time I was being charged for both modems and it showed on the online customer account page and the bills. Once I sent it back it took less than a week to drop off my account online. I did include a letter with my address, account number, s/n of modem and mac address. I taped that with packing tape to the modem. And signed off thanking them. Funny about the work "thanks or thank you", people like to be appreciated and go the extra mile for me when using those words.

In the past when exchanging or returning equipment, I have made sure to get a receipt showing the correct info on it. So far, their offices are close enough that I can return them directly, I do not feel comfortable giving techs that come out any hardware, whether they be Comcast or a Contractor.

Gotta remember you are dealing with computer systems and databases. What I have written above is my business practices with anyone who may take possession of something I own or rent. Remember the term GIGO?

Sorry for your experience, but I would not fall into any Class that could be part of a Class Action Lawsuit against Comcast.

And I do not work for Comcast. never have and am no fan boy. I was with @Home [in 1999 or 2000?, I was one of the 1st in my area] --> Attbi --> Comcast, in 2 different states and about 5-6+ locations. So lots of different account numbers and equipment exchanges [not counting equipment that crapped out].

hth and good luck on you endeavors.