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Can you bury figure 8 aerial cables?

Is there a code against burying figure 8 AERIAL 62.5/125 ?
The story is below other wise I would never do it.
Any tips regarding the steel messenger perhaps?

I have been doing volunteer work building a fiber backbone for a horse farm.
I purchased all of the materials and am doing all the work myself. Outside plant fiber, cat6e---everything.

My challenge is that after we talked , walked out and drew up the plans for the aerial campus fiber and after I bought the MM 62.5/125. The owner said we could not get phone poles installed or cut back trees. Fiber cannot be returned or MRA,d.

Bernie, MO
You bought Multi-Mode?

I hope all your distances are fairly short.

There is nothing inherently illegal about burying the cable. Direct buried cable is typically armored for strength and rodent protection and will usually contain a water blocking material.

The life span of the cable may be shorter depending on the specs of the cable you have purchased (thin jacket, air core, etc.)

I'd be more concerned with the MM cable.
I survived Hale-Bopp!


Thanks for the feedback!!!! validation is always important especially in situations like this.

The distance from mdf to IDF 1 is 800 feet.
IDF 1 to IDF 2 is about 900 so distances are good for MM 62.5/125 figure 8.

Using cat6 for horizontal distribution.

This is in Tampabay Florida. Lightning capital of the world for sure so fiber was a great choice given the environment and distances.
I was thinking that since the horse farm people changed everything AFTER we confirmed the Aerial design that the steel messenger should probably still be grounded like I had spec,d out for the aerial config.

It's a strange circumstance for sure but it's all volunteer work and I cannot RMA the figure 8 so doing the best I can with what I have.

Final design end state is for a physical layer that will sustain: video surveillance, Wifi 802.11ac, paging audio for external horns, motion sensors and mechanical relay for devices like swing gate controls.

Southeast TN
reply to Georgiaman
The stuff is not rated to be buried direct, and i wouldn't put any bets on how long it would last buried direct. My suggestion is put it in conduit if it is going in the ground. The stuff is at least outdoor rated being messenger cable.


Yep. Placed in one inch conduit. The owners husband did it with his field hand friends.
Hope all goes well for them.